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  Protect Yourself From The Next Big Computer Virus

Our site is dedicated to online dating, which makes antivirus software important to our visitors.  This is why we did an in-depth investigation of antivirus software and firewall programs.  In our research, the software that consistently got the best rating was Panda Antivirus.  Below are the reviews that we found.

Panda Antivirus Repeatedly Beats
Norton and McAfee.  Read the reviews …

PC World Magazine
Panda Antivirus Platinum emerged the victor in our virus catching and killing tests.  It caught every virus in both our known-virus and heuristic tests, and it posted no false positives.  The best thing about Panda, and what really makes it take place of honor in terms of proactive technology, is its personal firewall.  Panda Antivirus Titanium was ranked 8.0, being the only antivirus to achieve the highest marks (Excellent) within three categories: Classic Defense, Ease of use and Price…Titanium is one of the easiest and comfortable antiviruses to use.”

Computer User Magazine
Panda Antivirus actually beats McAfee and Norton.”

PC Magazine
“A powerful and versatile program.  Panda Antivirus delivers first-rate antivirus capabilities as well as many useful web-oriented safety features.  It detected and disabled every virus we tested.”

Windows 2000 Magazine
Rated it “Best anti-virus software.”

ZDNet Magazine
Panda Antivirus may be the best option available at its price.”
Panda Antivirus might be the coming king in the antivirus war … it usually beats both Norton and McAfee.”

Laptop Magazine
Named it “Best protection program on the market.”

Secure Computing Magazine
Panda Antivirus sets the benchmarks for the whole antivirus industry.”  Secure Computing rated Panda Antivirus 5 stars out of a possible 5.  Here are the ratings:

Features ………….. 5 stars
Ease of Use ……… 5 stars
Performance …….. 5 stars
Documentation ….. 5 stars
Support …………… 5 stars
Value for Money … 5 stars
Overall Rating …. 5 stars

.Net Magazine
Panda Antivirus Titanium is basically foolproof and easy to set up, targeted to the user who wants to install their anti-virus solution pre-configured to provide maximum protection with little or no user interaction … Panda Antivirus Titanium is simple to use with no configuration required and is priced affordably. If you’re looking for new desktop protection, take a look at this solution.”

Government Computing News (GCN)
“For lightning-fast scans, Panda is the obvious choice…I should have expected the best, because that’s what I got.”

Will you be protected against the next big virus?

Click here to protect yourself with Panda Antivirus Platinum


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