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How To Attract Women Online

By Online Dating Expert John Francis

Author John Francis was recently featured on Playboy’s Night Calls, so you know you are dealing with an expert.  With his eBook How To Attract Women Online, you will learn proven methods for using online dating services to attract women with ease.

How To Attract Women Online Works because women online respond to all the same things as women that you meet anywhere else.  So the key to online dating success is simple: you have to target the ten things women want most.  You have to do it in your personal ad’s headline, in your profile, and in your email correspondences.  And I am going to show you an easy, step-by-step process to do it.


“I re-wrote my ad and applied your methods.  To my surprise, in the first day after I changed my ad, I met a 31 year old woman and I’m 42!!  She stated my ‘ad and email was so incredible she had to meet me!’  After we met for coffee, she asked me out for dinner … 🙂   I have never been that successful on the internet or in meeting someone that much younger than me.  And to my surprise, I am getting even more responses by email, from even more women.  That really helped build my confidence.  I never could understand women until you helped me.  Thank you!!!!!!  You gave me hope, when I thought I had none!”
Bill D. – California

Online dating, unlike regular dating, gives you a much larger selection of women to meet and no face-to-face rejection to deal with.  And once you know the ten things that women want most in a man, and how to apply these ten items to online dating, you will easily attract women online.

In my book, How To Attract Women Online, you will learn how to easily meet women using online dating services and chat rooms.  By getting the book in your email today, here’s what you can immediately learn and experience …

Creating A Personal Ad That Gets Responses

The easiest way to attract women online is by creating a great personal ad.  With the right personal ad, you simply sit back and the women will come to you.  Success starts with your personal ad’s headline.  In How To Attract Women Online, you’ll learn how to create personal ad headlines that get women’s attention.  And creating your headline will take less than a minute.  Then, you’ll create a personal ad that hits on a woman’s hot buttons and gets women to contact you.  If you don’t want to create a personal ad from scratch, you can simply model …

The Personal Ad That Got Me Too Many Responses

In How To Attract Women Online, I include my most successful personal ad, word for word.  This ad got me so many responses that I was able to select only the women who really caught my interest.  And there were a lot of them.  Whether you use my proven personal ad techniques to create an ad or use create your own version my personal ad, the dates will come easily.

Respond To Women’s Personals And Get Dates

Another great way to meet a lot of women is to respond to their personals.  Problem is, women tend to get a lot of responses (some get hundreds a week).  The upside is that most men send weak emails that get deleted, which makes it easy to separate yourself from the pack.  You’ll use the 10 things women want most in a man to send women email that gets their attention.  I’ll also show you when to send long emails and when to keep them short.  And you’ll know what to say to get a woman to write you back.

What Works In Email And What Doesn’t

Your first email is vital because it’s pretty much your only chance to make an impression.  If it’s not a good impression, your email gets deleted.  To succeed, you’ll start by learning what to write in your subject line to get your email opened.  Then, you’ll learn exactly what to say in your email to make sure it gets read and, more importantly, to make sure you get a response.  Follow my simple steps on follow-up emails and you will easily end up with a date.

How To Use Chat Rooms To Get Dates

Chat rooms are a great way to meet women.  You’ll learn how to find women you like and how to get them to talk to you one-on-one in private chats or through instant messaging.  Then, you’ll learn easy ways to get them to send you their picture, to see how sexually aggressive they are, and the keys to making sure the conversation goes well.  If you lose interest, you’ll apply a simple technique to end the chat, and do so in a way that is not insulting or mean-spirited.  To assure your success, I include …

Four Real Online Chats That Led To Dates

I include four complete online chats.  All four went exceedingly well, leading to dates (and a lot of wild sex talk).  You’ll see the whole process in action — how I start things off, what I do to get the woman to give me information, how I bring sex into the conversation, and what I do to get a woman to send me a picture.  One of these four conversations is particularly memorable.  It was with a woman who turned out to be really hot, and it all started with me insulting her.  It’s remarkable to see how I turned this lousy beginning into her adoring me, giving me her phone number and inviting me to spend the weekend with her.

Important Facts About Her Personal Ad Picture

There are two important factors with seeing someone’s personal ad picture: is it real and is it recent?  You obviously want a true representation of what this person looks like now … not ten years ago, not when they looked better, not when they were in high school.  In some instances, you’ll run across people who post fake pictures, so you also want to be sure a person’s picture is real.  I’ll give you a simple, foolproof way to find out if her picture is real or not, which will also let you know if it’s recent or outdated.

How To Create Great Personal Ad Pictures

Statistics show that you are 8 times more likely to get your personal ad read if it has a picture in it.  To maximize your chances of getting a response, you want to put your best foot forward.  I’ll tell you which angles you’ll look best in, how to get great shots of yourself, and how to touch up your picture so you look as good as you can possibly look.

The book covers much more.  You’ll also learn a simple technique to avoid junk email, why newsgroups are not a great way to meet women, how to minimize online risks, and much more.  The only question that remains is …

Are You Ready To 
Start Attracting Women Online?

Are you ready to easily attract and seduce women online?  If so, you can get How To Attract Women Online in your email today for only $14.97.  Simply click here to order How To Attract Women online and start meeting women today.  Order Now.

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I hope you enjoy the free book and get a lot out of it, because Sex Secrets shows you proven methods for experiencing your every sexual fantasy.  You’ll learn how to have sex with two women at once, how to get beautiful women to pose nude for you, ten proven ways to make sexual advances, how to make women orgasm with ease, how to get women to enjoy performing oral sex on you, and a great deal more.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

I am so certain that How To Attract Women Online will help you attract and seduce women online — no matter what you look like — that I am backing it with an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee.  No hassles, no questions, no strings attached.  You’ll attract the woman (or women) of your dreams or you’ll get your money back.  Period.

If you ever do want your money back, I want you to keep How To Attract Women Online and Sex Secrets for Men as my way of saying thank you.  As I said, I really do appreciate your business, and this is my way of showing it.

If my books didn’t work, and didn’t do everything I promise, I couldn’t make a guarantee like this.  I can make a bold guarantee like this — where I take all the risk — because I know you’ll get results.

Attract Women Online Today …
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Today can be the day you start attracting sexy women online.  And if you order by midnight , I’ll also send you a free copy of my top selling book, Sex Secrets for Men.  Not only will you easily meet women online, you’ll also be able to experience your sexual fantasies with them — sex with two women at once, getting beautiful women to pose nude for you, knowing how to make women orgasm with ease, and a lot more.

Remember, you have nothing to lose.  If my books don’t get you results, feel free to send them back at any time for a full refund.  Even if you ask for a refund, I’ll still let you keep both books as my gifts to you for giving my methods an honest chance.  I can’t make it more fair and risk free than that.  Order Now.

All the best!

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