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We only ran across two really good BBW dating services that we are willing to recommend.  We also ran across quite a few that we didn’t like, which involved the Dating Tech network.

We’ll explain why we didn’t like the Dating Tech BBW dating services.  Before getting to that, we will tell you about the two BBW personals sites that we did like.
BBW Sexy Ads
BBW Dating Service Review

BBW Sexy Ads is our favorite site for meeting plus size men and women.  One of the key reasons BBW Sexy Ads will help you successfully meet people is its enormous member size.  And with thousands of BBW personals, this site definitely gives you the greatest chances for success.

In addition, BBW Sexy Ads has excellent features.  You get anonymous email, so you can send and receive email discreetly, without people knowing any of your personal information.  They have an excellent online dating articles and tips to help boost your chances of meeting people.  BBW Sexy Ads also offers chat rooms, the ability to post and browse multiple pictures, and much more.  Best of all, it’s free to join.

You can quickly set up your free account and post your free personal ad in minutes.  Then, you can browse thousands of BBW personals and start meeting people right away.  Here is what some of the users of this service have to say about it …

“I wanted to say thank you for your consistent, friendly, prompt service… your responses show that you’re really on top of things and you run a great business. Thank you!”  -plumpandcute

“Thanks, for the man of my dreams … I have grown to love him more every day than I have ever loved any man in my life.  He is all that any woman could ever want in a man.  With sincere thanks”  –Nina Maple

“I am enjoying your site immensely… I have received more messages in 2 days than I have with any of those other sites and I have found very interesting people… Thank you. I am recommending this site to many of my friends.”

“I just wanted to write and thank you. I actually met my husband on your site a few years ago. We were engaged for 14 months and will celebrate our one year anniversary on May 24, 2003. Thanks!”  -April

“I truly found my life partner, my soul mate, my best friend. Thank you!”  -Mesha

“I don’t think any web site responds to their customers so well and so rapidly.”

As you can see by these user endorsements, BBW Sexy Ads is an excellent site and it gets results.  If you’re looking for the web’s best BBW dating service, click here to set up your free account at BBW Sexy Ads.

  top bbw dating service  |  BBW Sexy Ads

Yahoo Personals
Dating Service Review

Yahoo Personals is not specifically a BBW dating service.  But because it’s one of the largest dating services in existence, there are tons of BBW personals and personals of men seeking BBWs.  In fact, Yahoo Personals has more BBW personals than most sites that specialize in BBW dating.  Plus, it is one of the Internet’s best and easiest to use dating services.  

If you’re familiar with Yahoo — the search engine, Yahoo e-mail, or any of the other Yahoo features — you’ll find it that much easier.  And with one of the fastest growing member bases in online dating, you will also have an easy time meeting great people.  In addition, it’s free to join.

Here’s a look at what Yahoo Personals offers:

  • Simplicity.  Of all the top dating sites we have reviewed, Yahoo Personals is one of the easiest to use.  If you are looking for an excellent site that is easy to navigate and simple to use, you will really enjoy Yahoo Personals.
  • Results!  The Yahoo network has the unique distinction of being the most used web sites on the entire Internet.  Yahoo Personals is no exception.  It is one of the most popular and fastest growing online dating services, guaranteeing you excellent chances of meeting interested singles.  And because Yahoo has such immense Internet usage, Yahoo Personals is going to continue to rapidly expand and so will your ability to meet people.  This is definitely one of the web’s best places to find romance.
  • Excellent Pictures.  Yahoo Personals offers excellent photos in their personals.  And with the ability to post and view up to five pictures, you really get to see what someone looks like.
  • Mutual Matching.  Yahoo’s Mutual Matching feature is a great way to easily find a great match.  It highlights people who not only meet your criteria but who are also interested in finding someone like you.  A first Match Meter tells you how well a person matches what you’re seeking, while a second Match Meter tells you how you stack up to what the other person is looking for.
  • Matches by Mail.  This is one of our favorite features.  Yahoo Personals will automatically find you excellent matches and will then send the results to your e-mail.  This means that you can actually meet people without doing any work to find them, and without even having your PC on.  It doesn’t get much easier than this.
  • Voice and Video Greetings.  For those of you who like more high-tech features, Yahoo Personals offers voice and video greetings.  This is a nice way to get a more personal feel of a person than just the ad alone.  The voice greeting is easy to set up and only requires that you have a phone.
  • Alerts.  You’ll be notified when you have new mail waiting for you or when someone is interested in you.


  • In-depth Searches.  You have the option of basic search, advanced search, keyword search, and Matchmaker search.  This is a great way to refine your search and to find what you’re really looking for.

This is simply a great dating service that is incredibly easy to use.  And with so many members, you will have no problem meeting someone.

  top bbw dating service  |  Yahoo Personals

BBW Dating Services We Didn’t Care For …

As we mentioned at the top of the page, we were a little put off by the barrage of BBW dating services offered through the Dating Tech network.  There are a lot of these sites — all of them are slow, all are identical, and all have the same personals available.  It seems confusing and pointless to have mirror copies of the same site, simply with different names.  But here’s why they do it …

The Dating Tech network runs a dating service which they allow anyone to promote.  For instance, say you want to run a dating site.  Dating Tech network will run the dating site, you’ll bring in the people, and you both split up the income when paid users sign up.

In theory, it’s not a bad idea.  However, it creates two major flaws.  One, there are a ton of sites with identical information, which makes life needlessly confusing.  And this leads to the second, much bigger, problem.  If there are 25 identical dating sites, all with different names, who exactly do you contact when there’s a problem?

Is Dating Tech responsible?  Are the 25 site owners responsible for the folks that sign up through their respective sites?  We honestly didn’t care to try to find out.  It’s too confusing and way too much work.  We strongly suggest you stick with BBW Sexy Ads and Yahoo Personals.  These sites are more reliable and a lot less confusing.

  top bbw dating services  |  BBW Sexy Ads  |  Yahoo Personals  |

BBW Dating ServiceFeatures

  Yahoo Personals BBW Sexy Ads
Free to Join yes yes
Post Personal Ad Free yes yes
Browse Personals Free yes yes
Instant Messaging no no
Chat Rooms yes yes
Video & Voice Greetings yes no
Post Multiple Pictures yes yes
Nude Personals no yes

BBW Dating Service – Ratings

  Yahoo Personals BBW Sexy Ads
Site Speed 4 5
Ease of Use 5 5
Quality of Pictures 5 4
Quality of Personal Ads 4 3
Member Size 5 5
Search Features 5 5
Total Score 28 of 30 27 of 30

  top bbw dating services  |  BBW Sexy Ads  |  Yahoo Personals  |


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