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Matchmaking Service Review

If you’re looking to find a soul mate and to experience true love, there is simply no online matchmaking service that is better than eHarmony.  Nothing else is close.  Their one-of-a-kind matching software utilizes an amazing personality profile to help you find a great match.  Here’s how they do it …

An innovative matching system:  This unique software creates highly compatible matches by comparing individuals on 29 key dimensions, including essential personality traits, temperament, attitudes, beliefs, behavior skills, core interests, personal history and character.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren:  Dr. Warren has become America’s pre-eminent mate selection expert. His 30 years of clinical experience counseling thousands of couples and single adults gives eHarmony tremendous insight into what traits are really important to a successful relationship.

A Free Personality Profile:  Produced by an in-depth questionnaire, this profile provides objective insight to help you know what you really want in a relationship.

Safe, Guided, and Anonymous Communication: 
eHarmony knows how hard it is to ask important questions early in a relationship. That is why they have created an anonymous, structured way for you to get to know your matches. They provide questions for you to ask and several rounds of controlled interaction. With their help, you can quickly determine if this person is really right for you.

Emotional Health Screening:  eHarmony screens out emotionally unhealthy individuals so you know you are part of a membership of relationship ready and qualified individuals.

Why eHarmony works … eHarmony works for many reasons, but there are five essential elements:
  1. The first element is the science behind their method. They have taken 30 years of clinical and scientific study as well as interviews with successful couples, and established a set of traits and personality combinations that result in happy, long-term relationships. These combinations have been integrated into a matching system designed to indentify the important compatibility traits and bring those people together.

  2. In addition, eHarmony provides an unintimidating and safe communication structure. They help you ask the hard, important questions early so you can quickly evaluate your matches before there is an emotional connection. This allows you to learn about the person from the “inside out” and gives you the option to discontinue communication at any time with dignity and without awkwardness.

  3. eHarmony also works because they have created a system that identifies and screens emotionally unqualified singles so they can assist them in addressing their needs prior to or instead of matching. This assures you that the matches you receive will be emotionally ready for the sort of relationship you want.

  4. Also contributing to eHarmony’s effectiveness is their relationship education process. It helps users learn about the traits that create healthy, self-sustaining relationships.  eHarmony is committed to creating a relationship resource, a place where users can learn and practice the skills that have proven effective with thousands of successful couples. It is important to find a match. It is even more important to know how to date wisely and nurture a relationship with the match you choose.

  5. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, eHarmony works because of the guidance of Dr. Neil Clark Warren. Dr. Warren’s 30 years of clinical experience and study of mate selection has formed the foundation for eHarmony’s approach to matching singles. His personal guidance and involvement assure the users of a consistent and heartfelt leadership agenda.

As you can see, there are many elements that make eHarmony effective. They all reinforce the fact that they are matching people for a completely different reason than most “dating” websites. They want you to have a great date.  eHarmony wants you to have a great life in a great relationship.

The process involves three steps:

Step 1:  You fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. They match singles on the important values that determine long-term relationship success, not just shared interests. Their questionnaire investigates many different areas, for example:

  • Personality – Includes intelligence, self-perceptions, and emotional outlook

  • Personal Interests – Measures involvement in social, family and recreational activities

  • Values & Beliefs – Includes spiritual, political and moral values

  • Communication Style – Examines verbal intimacy and listening skills

Based on your answers, they will create a detailed Personality Profile, which you receive for free.

Step 2:  They create a pool of highly compatible candidates for you using their innovative matching engine. The matching software was designed and created by a team of experts in the fields of psychology and behavioral science. Emotionally unqualified people are screened out. Each match must meet their rigorous standard of compatibility.

Step 3:  You choose which matches you would like to know better.  eHarmony provides a select number of the most compatible matches, saving you the time and trouble of sifting through hundreds of candidates, so you can decide with whom you want to communicate.

You are now ready to get to know your matches better!

How do you know when you have a match?

One of three ways. Due to the speed of their matching engine, when you initiate a new search you will learn of any matches within a couple of minutes.  eHarmony will also notify you by email of a match, prompting you to return to the site to begin communication. In addition, all new matches are listed on Your Activity Page.

Does eHarmony offer same sex matching?

No, they do not offer same sex matching. Their research to date has been solely involved with heterosexual matching. Since they have no expertise when it comes to same sex matching, they do not offer it.

Who is Dr. Neil Clark Warren?

Dr. Neil Clark Warren is one of America’s most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to mate selection and understanding what it takes to have a happy, successful relationship and marriage. He has dedicated a career that spans over 30 years to better understand how two people can live together in harmony for a lifetime. He founded eHarmony with the hope that the powerful matching system, along with the support and guidance surrounding the process, will help singles find the love of their lives.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a renowned clinical psychologist and expert on singles’ issues, mate selection, healthy dating and marital relationships. He earned his Ph.D. at The University of Chicago and his Master’s of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the former dean of the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. Included among his best-selling books are Finding the Love of Your Life, How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less, Catching the Rhythm of Love, Make Anger Your Ally, Learning to Live with the Love of Your Life, and Finding Contentment. He is a popular speaker and travels the country sharing his insights with thousands of people each year. He’s written 8 books, published hundreds of articles, and appeared on more than 3,000 radio and television programs.

  Find a Soul Mate at eHarmony

eHarmony Matchmaking Service: Features 

Free to Join yes
Post Personal Ad Free yes
Browse Personals Free yes
Instant Messaging n/a
Chat Rooms n/a
Post Multiple Pictures yes

eHarmony Matchmaking Service: Ratings

Site Speed 4
Ease of Use 5
Quality of Pictures 5
Quality of Personal Ads 5
Member Size 4
Search Features 5
Total Score 28 of 30

  Find a Soul Mate at eHarmony


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