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How To Attract, Seduce, and Have Sex 
With Beautiful Women

By Dating Expert John Francis

Author John Francis was recently featured on Playboy’s Night Calls, so you know he really knows his stuff.  With his eBook, The Master Dating Course, you will learn proven methods for every dating situation — you will date beautiful women, have sex with them, and have them wanting you.

The Master Dating Course includes all three of John’s books – Dating Made Easy, Sex Secrets for Men, and How to Attract Women Online – in one comprehensive system.  You’ll learn the best places to meet women, what to say to a woman to get her number, how to get a woman into bed, how to satisfy women in bed, and even how to easily meet women online.  It’s all explained, step-by-step, in this easy to use proven system.


“Prior to getting your course, I thought that I was too unattractive to attract women.  I had so little success with women that I honestly didn’t think your information would help.  Was I ever wrong.  You taught me how to believe in myself.  Then you taught me exactly what to do, in every possible area.  I have since dated some wonderful and very attractive women and I can now meet women with ease.  John, from a man who was EXTREMELY lonely and unhappy, I send you my deepest thanks.”
David P. – Newcastle, England

The Master Dating Course is the most effective and comprehensive dating system on the market, offering 315 pages of proven sex and dating techniques.  The course provides an easy to follow step-by-step approach that makes ordinary men irresistible to women … even gorgeous women.

You will easily be able to attract and have sex with women — as many as you want and as often as you want.  Want proof?  Click here to read letters from users of the course and see what this breakthrough system can do for you.

Want more proof?  You got it.  I am so certain that this book will help you date and have sex with beautiful women — no matter what you look like — that I am backing it with an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee.  And I’m not finished yet.  To make this even more risk free, I will let you read 30 pages of the course for free.  Simply click here.

The price of the course is a mere $29.97.  That’s thirty dollars to get 315 information-packed pages and 113,984 words of proven sex and dating advice from an author who was featured on Playboy’s Night Calls.

How many times have you blown more than thirty dollars on a date that went nowhere?  Here’s your opportunity to put a stop to it — once and for all.

Think about it.  How would you feel right now if you were dating your dream woman?  How would it feel to make love to her?  To have her want you?  Well, my friend, this is your risk-free chance to stop dreaming and start living this kind of life.

Don’t forget, this is all three of my books wrapped up in one.  If you’d like to learn more about The Master Dating Course, simply click the following links to discover the benefits each book offers you:

    » Sex Secrets For Men
    » Dating Made Easy For Men
    » How To Attract Women Online

If you were to buy these three books separately, you’d pay $54.89.  That’s not the BS pricing you see on TV where they show you a 99 cent product and call it a $40 value — Sex Secrets actually sells for $19.97, Dating Made Easy for $19.97, and How To Attract Women Online for $14.97.  And people love the three books.  This is simply an opportunity for you to get all three for $24.92 off.

Don’t forget, you have zero risk — you are backed by a lifetime money back guarantee.  You’ll attract the woman (or women) of your dreams and have great sex with them or you’ll get your money back.  With no hassles, no questions, and no strings attached.

Start living the dating life that most men will never experience.  Order The Master Dating Course and immediately learn how to attract and have sex with the women of your dreams.  Remember, there’s no waiting.  You’ll have the course in your e-mail today and you can start putting the methods into action immediately.  Order Now.

Master Dating Course
– Table of Contents –


Section 1 How to crush fear of rejection and be totally confident
The benefits of self-confidence in dating
The truth about confidence
Fear and how it kills your dating life
How to beat fear
Exploding your confidence with women
Building dating beliefs that attract women
Belief exercises
Section 2 The secrets to attracting women
Using the 10 things women want most in a man
The inside secret to dating gorgeous women
Top 3 mistakes men repeatedly make that drive women away
Section 3 How to walk up to a woman … and walk away with her number
How to play the numbers
5 reasons why you should ask
The 3 steps of the effective pickup
The top responses you’ll get when asking women out
The 10 best places to meet women
Reading a woman’s “I’m interested” signals
My top secret killer pickup line
Section 4 Forty real life pickup attempts
  40 word-for-word real life pickup attempts
Keys to take from this section
Section 5 Mastering conversation
Confidence and communication
Making initial contact with a woman
Revealing yourself and what to say
The power of questions
Section 6 Understanding body language
Understanding a woman by reading her body language
Creating amazing connection with women – without saying a word
Representation strategies and creating rapport
What a woman’s eye position reveals
How to instantly “turn it on”
Section 7 Dating Secrets
Casual dating made simple
Tips if you’re recently divorced or out of a relationship
How to attract an older woman
  How to attract younger women
Dealing with super gorgeous women
  Women from “different” backgrounds
  Holding your head high … no matter what
  Keeping dating costs down
  7 keys to a great first date
  Relationships — the one key to success
  When your relationship’s in trouble and what to do
  Making dating fun
Section 8 Sex Secrets
  The two rules of great sex — these are a MUST
  Getting women to happily perform oral sex
  Sexual communication, verbal and non-verbal
  Simple, proven ways to make sexual advances
  Great foreplay and afterplay
  How to stay hard for hours
  How to make a woman orgasm … with ease
  Oral sex – the woman doing it to you
  The three female sexual types and how to respond
  Oral sex – you performing it on her
  Great intercourse made easy
  Sexual positions women love
  Anal sex secrets – getting women to love it
  How to have sex with two women at once
  Getting a woman to pose nude
  Sexually transmitted diseases
Section 9 How To Attract Women Online
  Creating a personal ad that gets responses
  The ad I used that got me too many responses
  How to successfully respond to a woman’s personal
  What works in e-mail and what doesn’t
  Using chat rooms to get dates
  Attracting women in instant message chats
  Four chats I had that led to dates
  Important facts about her personal ad picture
  How to create great personal ad pictures
  Avoiding online risks to you and your PC
  Chat terms

Date And Have Sex With The 
Women That Most Men Never Get …

Order The Master Dating Course

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

I am so certain that The Master Dating Course will help you attract and seduce women — no matter what you look like — that I am backing it with an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee.  No hassles, no questions, no strings attached.  You’ll attract the woman (or women) of your dreams or you’ll get your money back.  Period.

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John Francis


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