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  Real Example of an Online Chat


Below, is one of the four chats I include in my book, How To Attract Women Online.  It’s long, but that’s because it’s complete and unedited.  It’s a good example of an online chat that goes exceptionally well.  As you’ll see, the main keys to success are to be open and to be yourself.

Chat Example
Three from How To Attract Women Online
31 Year Old Woman I Met at a Web Site

Background:  This chat had an odd start.  I insulted a woman in a chat room.  I felt bad about doing so, so I contacted her privately to apologize.  It went from that to wild sex talk, to an even wilder ninety minute phone conversation.

John:  good morning

Woman:  no offense to you, but i really should have known better

John:  it’s silly in here, for sure

Woman:  it’s a last resort to go to a chat room and ask if people know anything…..

John:  sorry, i simply wanted to apologize for my comment in the chat room

Woman:  yeah, that was original, never hard that before. i’m just trying to find out if there is going to be a limit on the tickets this weekend

Woman:  per person, you know

John:  i’d be happy to help if i can.

John:  ah… I’ve heard 2 and 4, but nothing confirmed

Woman:  i knew it

John:  where are you seeing them?

Woman:  NYC…are you going to be able to?

John:  I am seeing them in NY, as well

John:  but I need 3 tix

Woman:  how are you going to get tickets?

Woman:  going to the hammerstein box office?

John:  and also need to figure out how the heck to get them

John:  I can’t, in DC on business

John:  I may send my brother down there

Woman:  what do you do?

John:  writing, some advertising/marketing

Woman:  interesting

John:  it’s rewarding work
John:  and it pays the bills

Woman:  do you know anything about the Hammerstein?

John:  it seats about 3,000 …

John:  is located, I believe, on 35th between 8th and 9th

Woman:  does it have a box office? i’ve been trying to call there as well, but to no avail

Woman:  it’s on 34th

John:  and is gorgeous inside

Woman:  i’ve heard it’s really nice

John:  i have not been able to get thru either

John:  they are for sure NOT making this easy

Woman:  i know.…it’s making it hard for me

John:  🙂

John:  well, we’ll have two chances at least

John:  this show and the US tour following the Euro tour

Woman:  right….our very good friends are going to see them in London in June

John:  sweet

Woman:  i can’t go

John:  I haven’t seen them in years, so I am rather excited!

John:  and they do put on a great show

John:  but the 5 year gap between albums is a little much

Woman:  i think there where some legal issues that prevented them from recording

John:  hmm

Woman:  did you listen to A Perfect Circle at all?

Woman:  we saw them 3 times

John:  yes, don’t like it too much

John:  sounds like bad Tool

Woman:  what?????????

John:  but that’s just me

John:  hey, to each his own

Woman:  uh oh, them’s fighting words….

Woman:  just kidding

Woman:  you’re right, it’s not 1960 Russia

John:  even Schism sounded too… too polished… too clean and produced

Woman:  ok now….i was thinking about this last night

Woman:  regarding Schism

John:  i like the raw sound I am used to from Tool

John:  Schism is too clean

Woman:  i was listening to Undertow last night….and yeah, i agree with you somewhat

John:  Undertow is still my favorite

John:  Aenima is also excellent

Woman:  like they’re trying a little TOO much to be the “mind-expanding” epic type music that started to evolve on Aenima

John:  yes

John:  exactly

Woman:  i know, Third Eye is my favorite ever….so i’m into that…but Schism is, i don’t know…

Woman:  not Third Eye

John:  what I like in music is emotion, their last two CDs were laden with emotion, and Schism is brimming with clean, studio worked sounds

Woman:  and the lyrics are very repetitive….

John:  yes, they are

Woman:  and dare i say…..pretentious???

John:  and the vocal over-dubs are rather run of the mill

John:  and not necessary for someone with such an amazing voice

Woman:  but there are some crazy rhythms and time signatures

John:  no doubt

Woman:  i think i counted a 5/4 or a 5/8 in there…

John:  they are killer musicians, and it’s hard to fuck that up

Woman:  i agree

John:  but in contrast … the chili peppers californication album is awesome, with no earth shattering studio sound, just damn good music

Woman:  i haven’t listened to it….i got turned off by their commercialism…. association with MTV and all that

John:  gotcha

John:  bear in mind where they came from when they started

Woman:  Mother’s Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magic are two of my favorite albums

Woman:  i know i know…

Woman:  and i know it’s not their fault….

John:  they originally toured naked to get media attention cuz they were starving and broke

Woman:  and people should be recognized and compensated for their hard work

Woman:  and i do think they have talent…

Woman:  how old are you?

John:  25

John:  you?

Woman:  31

John:  cool

John:  age….. numbers

Woman:  i like you’re name…OpenMind……that’s one of my favorite things on earth, an open mind

Side Note:  In chat rooms I always use the name “OpenMind.â€