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      About Dating Expert John Francis

John Francis is quickly becoming one of the world’s premier dating experts.  Author of four books, two newsletters, and dozens of published articles covering sex and dating, John has been sought out and featured by renowned authorities like Playboy.  To learn more about this top sex and dating expert, click on a link below …


  John Francis Featured on Playboy’s Night Calls 

On May 8th 2003, I was featured in a live interview on Playboy’s Night Calls.  I was slotted for 15 minutes and was started with the question: What makes me an expert on sex and dating?  I must have answered that question, and all subsequent questions, pretty well because my interview extended to 2 hours and 40 minutes.

To give you an idea of how well things went, one of the stars of the show, Juli Ashton, went online and subscribed to my online newsletter while she was interviewing me.  What better endorsement can I get for my dating and sex knowledge than to have a famous adult film star turning to my newsletter for sex and dating advice?

Also remember that this was a live interview.  In a live interview, you’re on the spot.  You don’t get to follow any pre-conceived scripts.  If I didn’t know my stuff — extremely well — the production manager would have gotten me off the show immediately.  After all, this is Playboy’s Night Calls — the same show that, just before my appearance, featured Aerosmith, John Leguizamo, Luis Gonzalez, and Fleetwood Mac.  They kept me on the air for nearly three hours.  Obviously, I know my stuff.

  John Francis – Success and Expertise 

Why I Succeed …

I have amazing success with women for two reasons.  Number one, I believe in myself and feel that I deserve to date great women.  This allows me to easily approach women, in any situation, without ever fearing rejection.

The second reason for my success is an immense knowledge of sex and dating.  I don’t casually think about what might work with women, I thoroughly test things out.  If I want to fine tune a pickup approach, for instance, I will ask 50 women out so I can find out exactly what works.  If I want to know what women want in a certain sexual situation, I don’t guess, I directly ask women for their feedback and then test it during sex.

I also extensively study sex and dating.  I didn’t want to hope to find the g-spot.  Instead, I read the work of Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the doctor who discovered it.  Then, I took his ideas and put them into practice by testing it on real women.  This is how I do everything.  None of my sex and dating knowledge is theory, it has all been extensively tested and proven to work in the real world.  And after over two decades of study and testing, my knowledge and techniques have been fine tuned to a science.

My Successes and Expertise …

All my studying and testing paid off big time.  I have dated 91 different women.  And every crazy idea I have wanted to achieve has happened.  I have slept with two hot women at once, fooled around with three pairs of sisters, had sex with two different women on the same day, had seven dates in one week with seven different women, photographed gorgeous women nude, and so many incredible (and sometimes really weird) experiences that I can’t even count.

I live the dating life that most men fantasize about — doing things you normally only see in porn and in beer commercials.  I wrote my books because I know that every guy can experience this kind of life and I believe every guy should.  And if you simply want to meet the woman of your dreams, my books will show you how to do that, too.

My life is awesome.  If your romantic life isn’t, I hope my books help you get there!

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  • The Master Dating Course


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