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    Link Exchange  Link Exchange

Sites that place our link on their home page (or no more than one click from their home page) will be listed on a link page one click from our home page.  If you have other dating-related sites on your home page, our link must also be placed on your home page.

STEP 1: Placing Our Link on Your Site

To place our link on your site, please copy this code into your site’s ‘Links’ page:

It should look like this on your site:

A Great Dating Site – Premier Personals offers an excellent free newsletter by author and dating expert John Francis, in-depth reviews of the top online dating services, and lots of great dating advice.

STEP 2: Tell Us About Your Link

Below, give us the needed information about your site so we can place your link on our site.  Once we verify that our link is on your site, we will place your link on our site (usually in less than 24 hours).  After we place your link on our site, we will email you with the location of your link.

About Your Link




Your email  

Location of our link on your site


Link Exchange Policies

  • If we choose to exchange links with your site, we may, at times, alter our site structure and relocate your link.  Should this happen, we will let you know via email.

  • We will not link with sites that try to hide their link pages from visitors or from search engines.

  • We routinely check links pages.  If you relocate our link or remove it from your site without notifying us, we will remove your listing from our site.

  • If your site engages in spamming, we will permanently remove your listing from our site.

  • We may, for whatever reason, choose not to exchange links or to remove your link at a later time.

  • We will not link with sub-domain sites (i.e.: yourdomain.geocities.com).  To exchange links, you must own the domain or work for the owner.

  • If you cannot copy the very basic HTML link description we provide above into your site, we will not link to your site.  Sorry, but for some webmasters this seems a monumentally difficult task.

We thank you for the link exchange and wish you all the best.



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