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  Malaysia Dating Services

This page covers the best dating services and personals sites in Malaysia.  These dating services are broken into three categories:
  Top Malaysia dating services
  Best Malaysia adult personals
  Malaysia gay and lesbian dating

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No matter what you’re looking for — true love, casual dating, or sex — the dating services on this page will help you find it.  Have fun and good luck!

Asia Friend Finder
Top Malaysia Dating Service

The best Malaysian dating service is Asian Friend Finder.  With so many members — over 6 million around the world and over 17,000 in Malaysia — they give you the best chances for easy success.  And Asian Friend Finder offers a lot more …

  • Free Membership.  You can join for free and setting up your account will only take 2 to 3 minutes.  And if you can’t meet Malaysian singles at this site, you will have a hard time meeting them anywhere on the Internet.  Because when it comes to features and member size, there isn’t another Malaysian dating service that is nearly as good as Asian Friend Finder.
  • Multiple Languages.  A great feature of Asian Friend Finder is that you can use the site in English and Chinese.  You can do everything in the language of your choice — search and browse personal ads, read articles and dating tips, write email and respond to email, and even chat.  This allows you to meet people all over the world, no matter where you are looking to meet Malaysian singles.
  • Cupid Matching Service.  The Cupid service allows you to select traits that you want in a person, and Asian Friend Finder will notify you via email of new members who match what you’re looking for.  In other words, you don’t even need to be online to meet people and you will receive prompt notification of new members without having to come to the site every day to look for them yourself.
  • Chat Rooms.  Asian Friend Finder offers numerous chat rooms so you can instantly connect with people.  And of course you can chat in English or Chinese.
  • Advanced Personals Search.  Whether you are searching for single Malaysian women or single Malaysian men, Asian Friend Finder has excellent advanced search features that will help you find the man or woman you are looking for.  And with over 6 million members, you are going to easily meet people.
  • Personality Matching.  When you search the personal ads, Asian Friend Finder finds you the closest match to your own profile.  This means you are more likely to match with people.  And with millions of Asian personals, you are going to get a lot of matches.
  • Anonymous Email.  Asian Friend Finder gives you anonymous email, so you can send and receive email discreetly, without people knowing any of your personal information.
  • Your Personal Hot List.  Easily keep track of members who catch your eye with your Hot List.  Use it to save all of your contacts, such as people you want to email, personals you like, people who like you, and people you like to chat with.  These people are stored and you can return to use your Hot List any time.
  • Voice Messages.  You can create a voice message for your personal ad so people can personally hear what you sound like.  Plus, you can listen to voice messages from people who have created them for their personal ad.  This is an excellent way to get a feel for someone’s personality.
  • Articles and Dating Tips.  At Asian Friend Finder you’ll get dating tips, advice on dealing with breaking up, tips on building a relationship, dating safety tips, great ideas for first dates, and many more helpful dating tips.
  • Free Online Magazine.  The Magazine is unique in that it relies on Asian Friend Finder members for its exciting and very interactive content.  Not only can you read interesting articles, you can also add your own and respond to those of others.  Asian Friend Finder encourages you to enter articles and also to respond to advice questions.

If you are looking for the best Malaysian dating service, with great features and thousands of Malaysian personals to browse, Asian Friend Finder is the easy choice.  Good luck!

  Top Malaysian dating service  |  Asian Friend Finder
  Asian Friend Finder in traditional Chinese language
  Asian Friend Finder in simplified Chinese

Adult Friend Finder
Top Malaysia Adult Dating Service

The top adult Malaysian dating service is Adult Friend FinderAdult Friend Finder is the largest adult dating service in the world, and has over 53,000 members in Malaysia.

Adult Friend Finder is like most other online dating sites, but more sexually adventurous.  You’ll see nude pictures in personals, nude video chat, and the personals are far more sexually descriptive.  And with more adult personals to browse than any other adult dating service, you have far greater chances to find what you’re looking for.  The nude personals and nude video chat are a pretty nice perk, too.

Adult Friend Finder also offers anonymous email, a hot list to save and find your favorite people, and advanced matching to help you find what you really want and to help others who have sexual tastes similar to yours.  In fact, here are a few of the items you can search for:

  • women seeking couples
  • women seeking lesbian couples
  • women seeking men
  • women seeking women
  • men seeking couples
  • men seeking lesbian couples
  • men seeking men
  • men seeking women
  • and so on

You can search for erotic adult chat, discreet relationships, one-on-one sex, group sex, bondage and discipline, cross dressing, kinky fetishes, exhibition and voyeurism, and so on.  As you can see, Adult Friend Finder covers the whole spectrum of adult dating and sexual fantasies.  And with so many Malaysian personals to browse, you can be sure to find whatever you’re looking for.

  Top Malaysian adult personals service  |  Adult Friend Finder
Top Malaysia Adult Dating Service

ALT Adult Dating Service takes the world of adult dating services to a whole different level.  It has fewer members than Adult Friend Finder — over 10,000 — but ALT Adult Dating Service is a lot more wild.  Sexually speaking, this is the adult dating service where anything goes.  And we mean anything.

If you are extremely sexually adventurous or have a wild sexual fantasy you want filled, this is the adult dating service for you … because you’ll find plenty of people who are willing to do just about anything.  Bondage, domination, submission, and every conceivable sexual act is available at ALT Adult Dating Service.

In addition, ALT Adult Dating Service has a huge member base with over one million members and personals.  This makes it one of the biggest adult dating services on the Internet, which gives you excellent chances to fulfill your every sexual desire.  No matter what sex fantasies you have, ALT Adult Dating Service is the place where you’re most likely to experience them.  To see what we mean, look at some of the search criteria at ALT Adult Dating Service:

  • men seeking women
  • women seeking men
  • men seeking couples
  • women seeking couples
  • groups seeking men
  • groups seeking women

And that’s a partial list.  And what types of things can you look for?  How about … bondage, candle wax, collar and lead, domination, exhibitionism, nurse fetish, spanking, toys, and about 25 other terms.  Again, whatever sexual fantasy you have, ALT Adult Dating Service is likely to have it.  Join free and find your sexual fantasy at ALT Adult Dating Service.

Asia Friend Finder
Top Malaysia Gay and Lesbian Personals

If you are looking for a great gay and lesbian Malaysian dating service, an excellent choice is Asian Friend Finder.  They have over 3,000 gay and lesbian members in Malaysia.  This large quantity of gay Malaysian personals gives you the best chances to successfully meet gay and lesbian singles.  Plus, you can use this service in English or Chinese.

We explained what Asian Friend Finder offers when we recommended them as the top overall Malaysian dating service.  We do not want to repeat the same information twice, but we will include a brief description of their services.  If you would like to read the complete review we did at the top of the page, please click here.

What Asian Friend Finder Offers …

  • Free Membership
  • Chat Rooms in English and Chinese
  • The largest gay and lesbian member size in Malaysia
  • Gay and lesbian personals in Chinese and English
  • Personality Search Matching
  • Anonymous Email
  • Your Personal Hot List
  • Voice Messages
  • Advanced Personals Search
  • Articles and Dating Tips
  • Cupid Two-Way Matching Service

  Top Malaysian gay and lesbian dating service  |  Asian Friend Finder
  Asian Friend Finder in traditional Chinese language
  Asian Friend Finder in simplified Chinese

Out Personals
Top Malaysia Gay Personals

Another popular gay Malaysian dating service is Out Personals.  However, this site is only for men seeking men, so if you are looking for lesbian personal ads, stick with Asian Friend Finder, which has lesbian personals in Malaysia.

Out Personals is the largest gay Malaysian dating site with over 10,000 male members in Malaysia.  And it offers great features and benefits, including:

  • Free to join
  • Chat rooms
  • Over 18,000 gay members in Malaysia
  • Personality Search Matching
  • Anonymous Email
  • A Personal Hot List
  • Voice Messages
  • Advanced Personals Search
  • Two-Way Matching Service

If you are a gay man in Malaysia, Out Personals is an excellent Malaysian dating site.  Browse thousands of gay photo personals in Malaysia at Out Personals.

Asian Friend Finder and Out Personals are excellent sites to meet gay singles in Malaysia.  And both are free to join.  So try them out and have some fun.

  Top Malaysia gay dating service  |  Out Personals

Top Malaysian Dating Services


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