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  The Real Truth About Russian Mail Order Brides


Interested in meeting Russian women … thinking about looking into Russian mail order bride services?  Before you blow your money on a Russian mail order bride service, please read this eye-opening article.

  Exposing Mail Order Bride Services

At our site, we rate, review, and recommend online dating services.  We do this in several categories and we are very thorough.  After reviewing over 60 Russian bride services, we cannot in good conscience recommend one.

We started our investigation by going to Yahoo and typing in the phrases Russian woman, Russian bride, Russian dating, and so on.  Overall, we got back millions of web matches (2.2 million just for the term Russian woman).  Most of these sites promised thousands of beautiful Russian women that men can easily meet and marry.

The Reality?

The reality, of course, is not remotely as nice as the promise.  For starters, 2.2 million web matches for the term “Russian woman” is absurd.  If each of those 2.2 million search matches promised only 10 women — and not the thousands they promise — that’s still 22 million women, which is 1/3 of all the females in Russia.  Are we to believe 1/3 of the women in Russia are looking to leave their families behind to marry a stranger in another country?  And are all these women beautiful like these sites promise?

It’s not likely that all Russian bride services are scams.  Many seem to be, but there has to be a few legitimate Russian matchmaking services out there.  The big question is, how do you find the legitimate sites?  Do you forever hunt through 2.2 million search results to try find to find one legitimate site?  This could take you months and a lot of wasted money.

  Scams Galore

Since dating service reviews is what we do, we looked into Russian bride services.  We started with the biggest sites first.  And we didn’t need to investigate too long before we started getting very sour on Russian marriage services.

One of the most well-known and biggest Russian bride services, Helene International, worried us from the start.  When we rate and review sites, we like to set up profiles, test how well we do, test all the features of the site, and so on.  With Helene International we couldn’t do any of this.  They wanted $49.95 before they’d even let us look at anything.  How sketchy is that?  I mean, we couldn’t even see a personal ad.

From there, things got more and more sketchy.  We next looked at another huge and well-known Russian bride service.  This site did let us browse women’s personals.  Problem is, in just about every personal ad most of the women have the same birthday — January 1st.  Only the year seems to change.  This made us very uneasy and we wondered how many, if any, of the profiles were real.

What made us more uneasy about this site was that it said, “You have to travel to Russia and meet your fiancée in person if you are serious about the process.”  They put “have to” in bold and underline.  How scary is that?  You have to take a few thousand dollar trip to use their service.  Ouch.  We then went to our next major Russian bride service and were hit with information that really frightened us!

The next service said, and we quote, “We have been told by several customers that she (or someone using her name and photo) has conned them for significant amounts of money.  She asks for money for tickets and visa, and then they never heard from her again.”  This site had about 20 women listed who did this: they talked to men, asked for money to fly to meet the guy, and then completely disappeared!

The worst part is, this huge bride service did nothing about it.  It makes you really wonder.  Do these women even exist?  Is this site creating fake profiles and collecting the money themselves?  If not, why don’t they do something about it?  These are, after all, women that they have signed up, women that they are promoting on their site.

The more we searched and checked into Russian mail order bride services, the more common this type of thing was becoming.  We saw scams all over the place.  We saw women with profiles on ten different web sites and wondered if the woman was real at all, or if one company was using the same fake picture on multiple sites simply to take more money from unsuspecting men.  It was disturbing.

  In Conclusion

We have investigated mail order bride services very thoroughly for 16 months.  You can possibly meet wonderful Russian women.  But it’s extremely risky and far more likely that you’ll get ripped off.

If you want to pursue this course, we recommend you use more standard online dating services where you can meet people locally or through the well-established international dating services.  Click here to discover the top online dating services – or – click here to visit our international dating services review page.


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