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  Sex and Dating Books For Men


There are thousands of books on sex and dating.  Some are outstanding, some are so-so, and some are terrible.  To better help your sex and dating life, we are going to recommend the best sex and dating books on the market.

We will only recommend the best … books we have tested, that are proven to get exceptional results.  We haven’t found many thus far, but the following books are outstanding:

Below is a brief description of each book and what each can do to improve your sex and dating life.

Dating Made Easy for Men by John Francis

Atract Women With Ease


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For men, this is the best book we’ve ever seen on how to attract women.  It will teach you how to find your dream woman, no matter what you look like or how much you know.  It starts by solving a key problem for most men: overcoming fear of rejection.  It then teaches you everything you need to know to successfully attract women — a pickup line that works, a simple three-step pickup approach, the ten best places to meet women, and so on.

Reader Feedback

“This book is a must for any man having trouble with dating.  It will improve your confidence with women significantly.  It shows that it is possible to have a satisfying dating life just the way you are.”  
Gordon R. — Minnesota

Sex Secrets for Men by John Francis

Sex Secrets Sex Tips Sex Advice


This is a comprehensive guide that will teach any man how to satisfy a woman in bed.  You’ll learn how to stay erect for hours, how to make a woman orgasm with ease, how to ask women to pose nude, the keys to oral and anal sex, things to avoid doing in bed, proven ways to make sexual advances, how to tell if a woman is sexually aggressive or not, and a great deal more.  If you want to become exceptional in bed, this is the book that will show you how to do it.

How To Attract Women Online by John Francis


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Discover the real keys to successfully getting dates on the Internet.  It’s easy.  You’ll learn why it’s easy to meet women online, the 8 steps to creating a winning personal ad, the right way to respond to online personals, 7 ways to get dates in chat rooms, great tips for using instant messaging to get dates, and a great deal more.

Reader Feedback

“I re-wrote my ad and applied your methods.  To my surprise, in the first day after I changed my ad, I met a 31 year old woman and I’m 42!!  She stated my ‘ad and email was so incredible she had to meet me!’  After we met for coffee, she asked me out for dinner.   I have never been that successful on the internet or in meeting someone that much younger than me.  And to my surprise, I am getting even more responses by email, from even more women.  Thank you!!!!!!”  
Bill D. — California

The Master Dating Course for Men by John Francis

Attract Women Seduce Women


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This is all three of the John Francis books — Dating Made Easy, Sex Secrets for Men, and How to Seduce Women Online — in one course.  For one low price.  In addition, each book was re-written and revised.  There’s over 100 new pages, based on what readers asked for, including new sections on mastering conversation, reading body language, and 40 real life pickup attempts listed word-for-word.

Reader Feedback

“I have received other manuals and none of them were as well written as yours!  I am impressed.  It is easy to read and understand.  Your ‘secret pick-up-line’ works!  The literature also goes into detail about confidence and goals.  I have read many other dating books/manuals and this is the best!  This is the first one that made me believe I can do it!  Thanks again John and good luck!”  Aarin E. — Utah


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