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APR 2003

Sex and Dating Tips Newsletter
Proven Sexual Techniques and Dating Advice 

by John Francis

In This Issue …

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This Month’s Sex Tip
Tip of the Month  Controlling The Male Orgasm

The wonderful world of the penis.  And what a fascinating little topic it is.  Just look at all the commonly talked about topics: premature ejaculation … does size matter … how does a guy stay erect … can creams really make you longer (wouldn’t your hands get bigger, too?!).  Today, we are going to cover one of these topics: the male orgasm.  We’ll start by discussing …

Fantasy And Reality

Most men have amazing imaginations when it comes to how long we hold out until we climax.  In a survey done by the University of Chicago, 69 percent of men said they lasted between 15 minutes and an hour, while another 20 percent said they lasted over an hour.  In other words, nine in ten males (89 percent) think they last 15 minutes or greater, and one in five think they go better than an hour.

Not even close.

Almost all research done in this area concludes that most men orgasm in a couple of minutes.  In an eleven year study done by Masters and Johnson, they tested thousands of men and found that most men lasted two to three minutes.  These figures, of course, are nowhere near the 15 minutes to an hour the 69 percent of men claimed, and are light years from the hour plus the other 20 percent stated in the University of Chicago survey.

Our inability (perhaps refusal) to see this realistically may explain why so many women feel unfulfilled in bed.  Because the first step to improving this situation is to realistically recognize that it needs to be fixed.  And this is something men need to recognize, because the ten percent of heterosexual adult women that have never orgasmed with a man are already keenly aware of the problem.

So step one, much like any other problem, is admitting that all ain’t well.  If your performance is off and you’re not willing to even admit it — or if you are too selfish to even try to please a woman in bed — this article will only waste your time.  If your performance is off and you want to do something to improve it, let’s get down to business.

Understanding The Male Orgasm

I wanted to become incredible in bed and during the early 1990s I was reading all sorts of stuff on sex.  I studied anything … from science-based literature, like the work of Dr. Graffenburg on the G-spot, to stuff that seemed beyond ridiculous.  My attitude was try everything and see what worked.

One day, I came upon an article discussing the factual scientific process of the male orgasm.  I was shocked to learn that, for men, orgasm and ejaculation are not one and the same thing.  Yes, they do usually happen simultaneously.  But, they don’t have to.

Being a big fan of masturbation, I decided to experiment with this new information to see if it was really true.  Of course, I did this all in the name of science and for the betterment of humanity.  Lo and behold, it worked!

After a lot of practice, I was finally able to orgasm without ejaculating.  Woo hoo!  What did this mean from a practical standpoint?  It’s kind of like a canon in that I could put out the fuse and re-light it without launching the canon ball until I was ready.  In short, I could maintain an erection, for a damn long time, until I chose to ejaculate.

I remember very well that the woman I was dating at that time was very pleased about this.  Maybe a little too pleased, which kind of made me wonder how well I was really doing in bed before I made this little discovery.

In any case, it was a cool discovery.  One that has made a HUGE impact on my sex life.  I went from putting in an effort to last 15 minutes to being able to stay erect for as long as I wanted to (if you master this technique, you can hold out for a few hours, usually till you get sore or bored).

This is not to say that I last forever every time.  That’s not the case.  I usually find that 20 to 90 minutes on average is fine.  For me, doing too much of anything, no matter how fun it is, can get repetitive and played out.  But it’s great knowing that I can call on this skill whenever I please.  Okay, so how has it affected my sex life?

For one thing, I learned that it’s easy for most women to orgasm during intercourse.  The main problem I used to have was that I gave out before they got off.  But if there’s intense connection or immense attraction there, and as long as you last long enough, most women will orgasm during intercourse.  In some cases, very easily and sometimes over and over.  This was good.

Here’s what, at times, wasn’t so good … if you become really good in bed you can have a hard time getting rid of women.  Actually, this is true for men and women.  If you can really please someone in bed, they will generally want to have you around.  Sometimes, even when they can’t stand you as a person or when you have zero in common with them.  Point is, things were getting good in bed.  Women who didn’t much like me wouldn’t leave me all that easily.  Women who did like me now really liked me.

My overall sex skills were soaring and so was my confidence — both in and out of bed.  I got more bold sexually and more bold in everyday life.  Things were good and have only gotten better and better since.  But enough about me, you want to know how you can master this ability to stay erect for as long as you feel like it.  The answer is simple …

Practice, Practice, Practice

In my book, Sex Secrets For Men, I get into this in detail.  I’m not going to do that here.  I’ll give you the right map to follow, but I am not going to give you the same information that I give to people that pay for my books.  Plus, I think my knowledge is worth something.

I spent 23 months writing my three books, am including my personal sexual experiences with 91 different women, not to mention all the research I did.  If Bill Gates can make a PC platform that crashes all the time and gets 40 billion dollars for it, I think my efforts are worth the $20 I charge for my sex book.

But like I said, I will tell you exactly how to figure this out.  And it’s a fun process, so you won’t hate learning as you go.  The solution is real simple: masturbate.

Remember, ejaculation and orgasm are not one and the same.  Yes, they usually happen at the same time for men, but they don’t have to.  Masturbate and practice separating one from the other.  It’s really pretty easy.

We can all tell when we’re ready to ejaculate, usually we get the signals about 15 to 60 seconds beforehand.  Once you get these signals … STOP and do not let yourself ejaculate.

If you stop and wait wait 20 or more seconds — this can be different for each guy — you should still be erect and you will re-set the pipes.  It’s like emptying water out of a hose: the hose stays hard, but it needs to be re-filled with water.

By practicing this, you will soon be able to control when you ejaculate.  In many instances, you will still experience the orgasm and all the sensations associated to it.  But without the actual ejaculation you will still be hard.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And when you finally do decide to let yourself ejaculate, what an orgasm!

If, for whatever reason, you are not into masturbation ( surveys say that 10 out of 10 men are into it), then I honestly don’t know what to tell you.  Try one of the many drugs or pumps on the market that don’t work.  Maybe try praying.  But if you’re willing to try this, and it’s simple and fun, you will master it in no time.  Some of you, who are really busy with yourselves, will get it in a day or two.  Best of luck!

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Send Us Your Feedback and Suggestions  Feedback and Suggestions 

This newsletter is here to serve and benefit you, the reader.  So do not hesitate to tell us how we can improve things.  In addition, you are encouraged to suggest article ideas and to let us know what you think of the newsletter.  Simply email us at the below address:

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That’s it for this issue.  Thanks for reading Sex and Dating Tips!


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