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MAY 2003

Sex and Dating Tips Newsletter
Proven Sexual Techniques and Dating Advice 

by John Francis

In This Issue …

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This Month’s Dating Tip
Tip of the Month  How and Where to Find Love

Premier Personals shows you the web’s best online dating sites.  But sometimes it’s fun, and faster, to meet people without using the Internet.  This article focuses on showing you the best places places to meet people outside of the Internet.  By the way, we’re not only discussing meeting new people for romance, you can also use the following techniques to meet new friends.

How easy is it to meet people?

For some people it’s easy to approach a person they don’t know and strike up a conversation, for others it can be incredibly difficult.  If you don’t find meeting and conversing with new people easy, then this article won’t do you much good.  After all, knowing where to go is not going to help you much if, once you get there, you’re too shy or too nervous to talk to someone.

If you are shy, lacking in confidence, or nervous around people, the first step is to eliminate these issues.  This article focuses on where to meet people, not how to build confidence or how to boost self esteem.  If you want to work on these two areas, click here to visit our page on how to eliminate low self esteem – or – click here to visit our page on building confidence.

If you don’t have any problems with meeting new people and starting conversations, let’s discuss the best places to find people.  The first step is to …

Go somewhere where you
can easily start a conversation

Ideally, the best places to meet people are places where you can easily talk to people.  You want to easily be able to start and carry on a conversation with someone.  If a restaurant is filled with people, you generally don’t want to walk up to someone at their table (although I have done this five or six times and did on two occasions get a number).  But there are much easier ways than this.

A book store is great example of a place where it’s easy to approach someone and strike up a conversation.  One, you can approach someone when no one else is around.  This makes things a lot more relaxed since you’re not performing in front of a crowd.  Two, you can easily start a conversation simply by discussing whatever types of books they’re looking.  Three, you can have an innocent conversation without looking like you’re trying to pick them up.  If the conversation doesn’t go well, you simply walk away.  If it does go well, you can simply see if they’d like to grab a coffee (or lunch, dinner, or whatever).

That’s what an ideal place to meet someone should be like.  It should be easy to start a chat, comfortable, and should allow you to easily continue a conversation if the initial stages go well.

Meet people in places that interest you

When trying to meet people, it helps to go to places that interest you.  The reasons:

  1. You’ll have more fun

  2. You’ll have something to talk about

  3. You’ll know what you’re talking about

I find a book store ideal because I love to read and it’s an easy place to talk to people.  If you’re not into reading or hanging around book stores, there are other options.  Look for places that interest you, where it’s easy to talk to people and easy to strike up a conversation.

If you like music, a great place to go is a record store.  There are usually a good number of people in a record store, so you won’t have trouble finding people to talk to.  You and the people there have an interest in common.  Plus, it’s easy as can be to start a conversation.  If you approach someone looking at CDs, for example, any of the following work well:

  • What did you think of their last album?

  • Have you ever seen them in concert?

  • What’s your favorite song?

  • Do you know if they’re going on tour soon?

  • I hear the lead singer is sleeping with his sister (hey, it will get someone’s attention!)

You can see just how easy it is to approach someone.  You simply go somewhere that (1) interests you and (2) is easy to have a conversation.  We saw that book stores and record stores work very well.  And there are plenty of other great spots to meet people.

If you like Nascar, go to a race.  If you like movies, go to a video store.  If you like nice clothing, go to the clothing section of a department store.  Any time you see someone you might like, simply strike up a chat.  It’s that simple.  A lot of people are nervous about approaching people they don’t know, so let’s discuss …

Starting a conversation

Starting a conversation with someone is really very easy.  The simplest way to do it is to ask someone a question or two.  Take our above example with the record store, for instance.  As you can see by that example, getting a conversation started is easy.  You saw someone looking at a particular CD or a particular group, and we used questions to get things started: what did you think of their last album … what’s your favorite song … and so on.  This is easy.

Questions are the perfect way to start a conversation.  The reason is, the person’s answer allows you to create the flow and direction of the conversation.  If you ask, “What did you think of their last album,” and the person says, “It was okay,” you can easily take this in a lot of directions.  An easy way to do that is by asking a second question.  For example:

  • I agree.  I liked the one before it better.  What do you think?

  • Do you think it was better than their previous album?

  • Where there any songs on it that you really liked?

  • Are you sure the lead singer’s not sleeping with his sister?

This is very, very easy.  And it works.  Remember, you are asking a person questions.  And if there’s one thing that most people love to do, it’s giving people their opinion.  Allowing someone else to share their opinion makes them feel important.  After all, we all want to think our opinions matter.

In addition, questions make for a casual, non-threatening conversation.  The person you are talking to doesn’t feel like a piece of meat; they don’t feel like they’re being hit on.  This is a great environment for them to feel free to chat with someone.

However, this is also excellent for you.  If it goes well, you can easily ask them if they’d like to get together.  If it doesn’t go well, you can easily walk away, without being rejected and without feeling like an idiot.  How can you beat that?  In a nutshell …

  1. Go somewhere where you can easily start and carry on a conversation

  2. Go somewhere that interests you

  3. Use questions to start and carry the conversation

Meeting new people is that simple.

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That’s it for this issue.  Thanks for reading Sex and Dating Tips!


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