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JUN 2003

Sex and Dating Tips Newsletter
Proven Sexual Techniques and Dating Advice  –

by John Francis

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Special Feature
Tip of the Month  John Francis Appears on Playboy’s Night Calls

On Thursday, May 8th, I had the pleasure of being a featured guest on Playboy’s Night Calls radio show (XM Radio 205).  We talked dating, sex, the Premier Personals web site, and a host of other interesting topics, such as genital cosmetic surgery (what is the world coming to?!).

I had a great time, and I’d like to thank hosts Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath for having me on the show.  The show is very entertaining and I highly recommend it.  To learn more, go to playboyradio.xmradio.com.

This month’s Online Dating Tip
Tip of the Month  Finding Free Online Dating Services

In our endless site reviewing, have we found any good online dating sites that are free?  The answer is yes and no.  We have not yet seen one good online dating site that is truly free.  We have, however, found excellent sites that are partially free.

What do we mean by “partially” free?

Go to Yahoo and search for “free dating site” and you will come up with almost 2 million web matches.  This is extremely confusing, because as far as totally free dating sites go, they don’t seem to exist.  So what’s the real story?

The real story is that free dating sites have two major problems.  One, they don’t make any money, so they can’t offer any of the features that people want in a dating service.  The features that good dating sites offer cost thousands of dollars.  Two, they don’t make any money and eventually they simply disappear.

Maybe there’s a good (or at least semi-decent) 100% free dating site out there.  We just haven’t seen it yet.

Okay, so what do we mean by partially free?  Well, while we haven’t found a totally free dating site, we have found many excellent sites that have plenty of free features and services available.  And this includes almost all of the top online dating sites.  It typically works as follows …

You can browse and search ads for free, you can post a personal ad for free, you can set up an account for free, and so on.  But somewhere down the line, to get the really good features of the site, you’ll be far more successful if you pay.  Why so?

For starters, consider what happens when someone searches the personal ads.  Whose ads do you think get top placement in the search results: the free members or the paying members?  Obviously, it’s the people who pay.

If you created a free personal, yes, you will come up in the search results.  You may also end up behind tens of thousands of people who are paying subscribers.

This is just one example of why it pays to pay.  The paying members also get much better features than the free members do – features which give them much greater chances of success.  Things like chat, unlimited e-mail, instant messaging, notification when new members register, expanded profiles, more in-depth search capabilities, and all sorts of other perks that free members don’t tend to get.

Fact is, some of these dating sites have amazing features, and they give you every possible chance to successfully meet someone.  But these features are run on very expensive, cutting-edge technology.

With what it costs these sites to run their software and to maintain their databases, you can’t think that they can afford to give their service away for free.  They’d go bankrupt in days.  When you think about that, how do you think a dating site can truly be free?  There’s really no way.

Like we said, there are plenty of high-quality sites with free services.  Just be aware that their paying members will get top priority in every area, and will have far better success (which is fair since these are the people who maintain the site’s financial ability to operate).

Whether you prefer to pay or not is up to you.  You certainly don’t have to.  Just keep in mind that your ability to successfully meet someone will largely depend on whether you are a free customer or a paying customer.

If you’re a paying customer, dating sites do a phenomenal job of helping you to meet someone.  If you’re a free customer, you can still succeed, but your chances are dramatically lower than the chances of the paying customer, so it might take you a while.

We won’t try to sway you to pay or not pay.  Only you can determine how important it is to actually meet someone, and what you think that’s worth.  If you’re happy with your dating life, you probably don’t need to spend your money.  If you think it’s worth a few bucks to be able to meet great matches, then you should consider paying.  That’s our assessment, at least.

Whether you’re looking to pay or not, there are still an estimated 10,000 dating services to choose from, and you still want to end up on the best sites.  Simply click here to see reviews of the Internet’s top dating services.

Proven Ways for Men to Attract Women  Proven Ways for Men to Attract Women

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How To Attract Women Online — The keys to finding romance at online dating sites and chat rooms, including in-depth instructions for writing winning personal ads, how to effectively respond to ads, what to do in chat rooms, and a great deal more.

The Master Dating Course — This is simply all three of my books, wrapped into one, and priced at a huge discount.  If you want to master every angle of attracting women and being great in bed, this is the book for you.


“I have received other manuals and none of them were as well written as yours!  I am impressed.  It is easy to read and understand.  Your “secret pick-up-line” works!  The literature also goes into detail about confidence and goals.  I have read many other dating books/manuals and this is the best!  This is the first one that made me believe I can do it!  Thanks again John and good luck!”
Aarin E. – Utah

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That’s it for this issue.  Thanks for reading Sex and Dating Tips!


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