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OCT 2003

Sex and Dating Tips Newsletter
Proven Sexual Techniques and Dating Advice 

by John Francis

In This Issue …

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Special Feature
Tip of the Month  Premier Personals Featured by MediaPost.com

On October 1, 2003, our site appeared in a MediaPost.com article which covered the marketing side of online dating.  Toward the end of the month, we will also be seen on TV on the Ricki Lake show, making us the first and only dating review site to be featured on national TV, a top ten U.S. newspaper (Newsday), and one of the world’s largest magazines (Playboy).  We’ve also been interviewed by sources like The Wall Street Journal.

All that said, THANKS for visiting our site and helping us to become the most respected authority in the field of online dating.

Tip of the Month  Mail Order Brides Explained 

Due to continuous problems with numerous Russian bride services, we have removed this article.  We no longer endorse any Russian matchmaking services, Russian mail order bride services, or Russian marriage agencies.

If you are looking for legitimate sites to meet people from other countries, we suggest you visit our ‘top international dating services’ page.  For more information, please read our January 2003 article, The Truth About Mail Order Bride Services.

Proven Ways for Men to Attract Women  Proven Ways for Men to Attract Women

For those of you who have read my articles and newsletters, and are interested in looking into my books, here’s how:

Sex Secrets For Men — Discover how to make women orgasm with ease, how to maintain an erection for hours, the keys to getting women to pose nude, how to have sex with two women at once, how to read a woman’s sexual signals, and a whole lot more.

Dating Made Easy For Men — You’ll learn how to overcome shyness, the best places to meet women, a proven pickup line, how to easily start and maintain conversations, how to read women’s signals, and much more.

How To Attract Women Online — The keys to finding romance at online dating sites and chat rooms, including in-depth instructions for writing winning personal ads, how to effectively respond to ads, what to do in chat rooms, and a great deal more.

The Master Dating Course — This is simply all three of my books, wrapped into one, and priced at a huge discount.  If you want to master every angle of attracting women and being great in bed, this is the book for you.

“I have received other manuals and none of them were as well written as yours!  I am impressed.  It is easy to read and understand.  Your “secret pick-up-line” works!  The literature also goes into detail about confidence and goals.  I have read many other dating books/manuals and this is the best!  This is the first one that made me believe I can do it!  Thanks again John and good luck!”
Aarin E. – Utah

Read more testimonials from readers of my books

Send Us Your Feedback and Suggestions  Feedback and Suggestions 

This newsletter is here to serve and benefit you, the reader.  So do not hesitate to tell us how we can improve things.  In addition, you are encouraged to suggest article ideas and to let us know what you think of the newsletter.  Simply email us at the below address:

[email protected]

That’s it for this issue.  Thanks for reading Sex and Dating Tips!


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