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How To Experience Your 
Every Sexual Fantasy

By Sex Expert John Francis

Author John Francis was recently featured on Playboy’s Night Calls, so you know you are dealing with an expert.  With his eBook, Sex Secrets For Men, you are going to learn how to turn your sexual fantasies into reality …

Easily Please Women in Bed

You will learn when a woman is attracted to you and wants you to make a sexual advance, how to easily make a woman orgasm, how to get beautiful women to pose nude for you, how to get two women to have a threesome with you, how to maintain an erection, ten proven ways to make sexual advances, how to get women to enjoy anal sex, how to give and receive great oral sex, and much more.

Sex Secrets provides an easy to learn, step-by-step approach that will help you have a killer sex life.  You’ll know how to satisfy any woman in bed, how to get beautiful women to sleep with you, and basically how to turn your every sexual fantasy into a reality.  Here’s what you will experience …

You Will Make Women Orgasm — With Ease

Helping a woman orgasm should be easy, not difficult.  In fact, it should be easy to help a woman to experience 3-5 orgasms a night.  If this is not what you’re achieving, again, don’t worry about it.  In Sex Secrets I will show you exactly what to do to help women have numerous orgasms, with no extra effort and a lot less stress.

Women Will Happily Perform Oral Sex On You

Like making a woman orgasm, getting a woman to want to perform oral sex on you is very easy.  And if you follow my proven methods in Sex Secrets, women will want to perform oral sex on you.  Women will want to do it well, and will do it as often as you want.  This is easy and it’s fun!

You Can Have Sex With Two Women At Once

Many women will happily have sex with you and another woman.  In fact, 60 percent of women fantasize about it.  The trick is to present it to the two women in the right way (if you don’t, you will get these ladies pretty pissed at you).  The proper approach involves doing three specific things, and doing them in the correct order.  In Sex Secrets I will show you exactly what to do.  This is a little trickier than the first two items, but it’s still a lot easier than you think.

You Will Get Sexy Women To Pose Nude

For You

If you think looking at pictures of women nude is fun, and it is, then you have to experience what it’s like to be the guy taking the pictures.  I’ve photographed women nude on 11 occasions, and it is a blast!  The first time I did it, I was nervous and it went okay.  Now, I have a foolproof process that gets beautiful women to pose nude for me, and gets them so comfortable that they do some pretty wild stuff.

With my help, the following reader learned how to attract a gorgeous woman and … she posed nude for him:

“John, I think you’ll be pleased to hear I met someone.  We hit it off right away and have been seeing each other for a while now and are very serious.  She’s just gorgeous and she’s really good to me.  She even let me take some nude pictures of her.  You were right, that is a lot of fun.  I can’t thank you enough for your book and our correspondences.  They were a great help.  Your fan,”
Dave T. – North Dakota

With Sex Secrets you’ll learn my proven process.  You’ll know the correct way to ask a woman to pose nude, how to make her comfortable during the photo shoot, how to get her to pose very sexually, even how to take the pictures and where to get them developed.

Read A Woman’s Sexual Signals

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when a woman is interested in you and wants you to approach her?  Isn’t that better than the risk of getting shot down?  It’s pretty simple once you know what women’s sexual signals are.  Yes, some sex signals are blatant.  But most of the time they are very subtle.  Sex Secrets will show you how to read a woman’s sex signals and body language — even how to know what she’s thinking by the position of her eyes — so you’ll always know when to make a sexual advance.

You Will Stay Erect With Ease
(A Technique That Actually Works)

Lose the idea that there’s some magic cream or pill.  Medically speaking, most men don’t need them.  Learning to maintain an erection is a little tricky at first.  But with a few days of practice — a week at most — you’ll have it mastered.

The first step is learning the difference between male orgasm and ejaculation.  For men, orgasm and ejaculation are not one and the same.  They can happen at the same time, and usually do.  But the key to staying erect for long periods is to have the orgasm while delaying the ejaculation.  In Sex Secrets I will show you how to do that and you’ll be able to stay erect for as long as you like.

The Secrets To Getting Women To Enjoy Anal Sex

Do women want anal sex?  Do women enjoy it?  It really depends on you.  I happen to enjoy doing it with women, but anal sex can be painful for a woman.  This is why it took some time for me to master everything.

I can now say that if you do things right — and there’s not a lot to it — you can have anal sex with women with relative ease.  I have done it with seven of the last eight women I’ve dated, an average of three times a week.

Keeping the woman from being in pain is not too difficult.  The real trick is getting her to do it in the first place.  In Sex Secrets I will show you exactly what to do to get the woman to try it, and then how to keep her from being in pain.  If you can do both those things, nine times in ten the woman will really enjoy it and will become addicted to anal sex.  This is especially true because the majority of women are sexually submissive and this is a very submissive sexual role for a woman.

Ten Simple, Proven Ways To Make Sexual Advances

The first time we make a sexual advance is always the toughest.  But it doesn’t need to be tough at all.  I have tested this in countless ways and I have discovered what sexual advances work and which ones drive women away.  Five of the methods I’ll show you are simple to learn and easy to apply.  You’ll also learn five advanced techniques for the less obvious situations … like when you’re walking up to a woman you’ve never spoken to before.  With this knowledge, your sexual success rate will soar.

The Five Keys To Great Intercourse

We discussed one of the keys — how to stay erect — but there’s obviously more to it than that.  There’s also sexual technique, sex positions, level of connection, and how well you read sex signals during sex.  The better you are in all five areas, the better you will satisfy a woman in bed.  I’ll show you simple ways to master all five areas so you’ll be great in bed, and so you (and your partner) can really, really enjoy sex.

The Sex Positions Women Love Most

You’ll learn about every major sex position.  You’ll learn which sexual positions woman love, as well as the positions that women hate — for both regular sex and anal sex.  Much of this information is based on sexual surveys of women.  But of course all women are not the same and they do have different tastes.  While this info will work for you 90 percent of the time, you’ll also learn how to read women so that you are covered in every sexual situation.  This way, it will become second-nature for you to find the right positions for any woman you’re with.

Reading A Woman’s Sex Signals In Bed

During sex, you will read a woman’s sexual signals and you will know — without guessing — if you’re turning a woman on or off.  You won’t wonder, “Is she enjoying this or is she bored and ready to turn on the TV?”  I’ll show you what signals to look for from her — both verbal and non-verbal — so no matter what a woman does, you’ll always be on the right track.

What To Avoid Doing In Bed

You will learn the seven deadly sexual sins.  These are the seven things that commonly ruin sexual experiences and, in a woman’s eye, make you lousy in bed.  You’ll learn what they are and how to prevent them from ruining your sexual experiences.  And you won’t be one of the many men that women complain to their girlfriends about.

You’ll Know How Sexually Aggressive A Woman Is

This can make the difference between getting a woman insanely turned on or totally turning her off.  Knowing how sexually aggressive a woman tell you when you should make an advance.  It will also tell you how fast and how far you should take things in bed.

How To Tell If A Woman Is Dominant Or Submissive

If you can’t properly identify whether a woman is sexually dominant or submissive, you’re in trouble.  You may do the opposite of what the woman wants and end up totally turning her off.  I’ll teach you about the three female sexual types: dominant, submissive, and the women who are in between.  This is vital because a sexually dominant woman will not react well to strong advances, a submissive woman will want you to take control and make the moves, and so on.  Once you identify what a woman’s sexual type is, you have the sexual key that makes women want you.

How To Turn Sexual Fantasies Into Reality

Do you have sexual fantasies that you are nervous about mentioning to a woman or fantasies that you think will never come true?  Most of us do.  I will show you how to effectively communicate your fantasies — without ever offending a woman — in a way that makes women willing to try anything.  You will experience most (or all) of your sexual fantasies.  That’s a given.  And once you start talking to women about this, you’ll be surprised to discover the fantasies that women have.  I’ve had women who wanted me to pee on them, women who wanted to be hog tied and completely sexually dominated, women who wanted me to shove my entire hand inside them, and a lot more.  All I can say is, it’s been an adventure.

The Keys To Great Foreplay

With most women, you cannot be great in bed without great foreplay.  This is one of the key areas where most men miss the boat.  If you want to really satisfy a woman in bed, good foreplay is a must.

  Not only is foreplay and afterplay easy, it’s actually a lot more fun than most men realize.  So not only will she enjoy the sex a lot more, so will you.

There’s a lot more to the book, but I think you get the point.  If you are ready to easily satisfy any woman in bed and have the sex life that most men will only dream about, you can get Sex Secrets in your email today for only $19.97.  And because I want you to really experience a great sex life, I am going to make you a special offer.

Special Bonus Offer
Get Dating Made Easy For Free

Good sex isn’t just about sex.  A great deal of it has to do with understanding women and knowing how to effectively communicate with them.  This is why it’s really important to me that I also send you a copy of my book Dating Made Easy.

If you’re currently in a relationship, Dating Made Easy will show you how to communicate with your partner and how to understand her on a whole new level.  And believe me, this will take your sex life, and your relationship, to a whole new level.

If you’re single, then Dating Made Easy is really a must.  Because, while Sex Secrets will show you how to experience your sexual fantasies, Dating Made Easy will show you how to get beautiful women to experience them with.

And if you happen to be one of those guys who’s in a lousy relationship, Dating Made Easy will show you easy ways to break it off — freeing you up to date the women you really want to be with.

Men all over the world have purchased Dating Made Easy for $19.97.  I am including it as a special limited time offer, because it makes Sex Secrets much more effective for you.

Simply order Sex Secrets by midnight , and I will gladly send you a free copy of Dating Made Easy.  In addition, I am going to remove all the risk for you …

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

I am so certain that Sex Secrets will help you to become exceptional in bed that I’m backing it with an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee.  No hassles, no questions, no strings attached.  You’ll become a sexual expert or you’ll get your money back.  Period.

If you ever do want your money back, I want you to keep Sex Secrets and Dating Made East as my way of saying thank you.  Fact is, I really do appreciate your business, and this is my way of showing it.

If my books didn’t work, and didn’t do everything I promise, I couldn’t make a guarantee like this.  I can make a bold guarantee like this — where I take all the risk — because I know you’ll get results.

Only one question remains …

Is Today The Day You Start
Turning Your Sexual Fantasies Into Reality?

If you want to start experiencing your every sexual fantasy, this is your perfect opportunity to learn from an expert.  Not some guy who claims to be an expert, but an author who has appeared on Playboy’s Night Calls — the same show that, just before my appearance, featured Aerosmith, John Leguizamo, Luis Gonzalez, and Fleetwood Mac.

And I have made this better than risk free for you.  Remember, you can ask for a refund at any time and you still get to keep my books.  And don’t forget, if you order by midnight , I am going to also send you a free copy of my book Dating Made Easy.  I simply cannot make it more fair and risk-free than that.

Click here to order Sex Secrets and make today the day you stop dreaming about your fantasies and start experiencing them.  Order Now.

All the best!

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