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  Online Dating Service Reviews

This page alphabetically lists the top dating sites that we’ve reviewed.  To see a review, simply click on the site’s name below.  To learn more about a dating service, scroll down to read a brief one paragraph description of each dating service.


  Adult Friend Finder

The Internet’s largest adult personals site with over 5 million members.  It’s a lot like any top-notch dating service, except there are nude personals, nude video chat, and things are more sexually wide open.  Obviously the members have more sexual goals than the average dating site, but some are also seeking relationships with people with similar sexual tastes as well.  An excellent site.

  ALT Adult Dating

This is the “anything goes” adult dating service.  Bondage, spanking, watersports, domination, submission — there’s no sex preference you won’t find at this site.  And with over a million members, you can easily find someone to do it with.  If you’re looking to take a walk on the really wild side, this is the place to go.

  American Singles

One of the best dating services to offer an exclusive focus to the U.S. and Canada.  Packed with great features and over 7 million members, this is a great site to visit if you are looking to meet someone in North America.

  Amigos Latin Dating

By far the best Latino dating service on the web.  Millions of members, top-notch features, and it’s all offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  When we reviewed Latin and Hispanic dating services, we were unable to recommend another site — there isn’t another one remotely close as good as this.

  Asian Friend Finder

Asian Friend Finder is a runaway choice for best Asian dating service.  Over 6 million members world-wide, great features, and the ability to use the services in both English and Chinese.  With a member size far bigger than any other Asian dating service, and over 100,000 new members joining each month, you will definitely meet people here.

  BBW SexyAds

BBW SexyAds is a wonderful adult dating service, specializing in men who love big, beautiful women.  What sets it apart from other BBW dating services is that it’s got a huge member size and also allows nude personals.  This is a very fun site, which is very poplular with our visitors.

An awesome dating site.  Might be the second best dating site on the Internet next to  Easy to use, quick, millions of members, and great features.  This is one of our staff’s favorite sites.  And few dating services have as many world-wide members.  No matter what country you search in, seems to have people to meet.  An exceptional site.

  Dating Direct

This is a nice specialty site focusing on Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the U.S.  It has nice features and decent member size.  In most cases, however, and still have more members in Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the U.S.  Even still, many visitors to our site really love Dating Direct and it is very worth looking into.


An awesome site.  It has an incredible matching system which puts great couples together.  And that’s the focus — finding you a great match.  This is one of the most popular sites with our visitors.  If you’re looking to start an exceptional relationship, this is the site to visit.

  French Friend Finder

French Friend Finder is the world’s best French dating service.  Aside from offering all the excellent features that are available on all Friend Finder sites, French Friend Finder also offers the ability to be used in either French or English.  If you are looking to successfully meet French singles, this is the best site on the Internet.

Great site for gays and lesbians.  The dating service is exceptional.  The member size is gigantic at around 2 million.  And the site … it’s excellent.  It’s tailored to the gay lifestyle and offers tons of great features.  Few hetero sites are as comprehensive in the services they offer.  If you’re gay — or curious — definitely head over to this site., formerly, is one of the best run gay and lesbian dating services on the Internet.  Aside from its large member size and great feature, it is also the only gay and lesbian personals service that emphasizes relationships.  If you’re looking for something serious, this is the place to go.

  German Friend Finder

The world’s best and largest German dating service with over 401,000 members.  Aside from offering all the excellent features that are available on all Friend Finder sites, German Friend Finder also offers the ability to be used in either German or English.  If you are looking to successfully meet German singles, this is the best site to use.

Our three site reviewers all agree that is the overall best online dating service in the world.  They always offer the most cutting-edge features, like being the first major service to offer anonymous phone calls between members.  And with 8 million world-wide members and 14 languages available, you can’t help but meet people.  This is, hands down, the absolute best dating service on the Internet.  It has been for years.  You will definitely be able to meet someone here, almost anywhere in the world.

  Out Personals

This is a large international gay only dating service (no lesbian personals).  Aside from being an excellent site loaded with features, its main distinction is that it’s probably the largest all gay personals site that allows nude personals.

  Senior Friend Finder

The web’s premier site for people over 50.  Great features, a fast, easy to navigate site, and tons of members make this our top pick for people over 50.  There are one or two other decent senior sites, but they are not in the same league as Senior Friend Finder.  If you’re over 50, go to this site to meet people.  You’ll love it.


SexyAds is a fantastic adult dating service.  What sets it apart from other adult dating sites is the unique adult dating sites it offers.  These include bbw, mature, gay, lesbian, and swinger sites — all with lots of members and all with nude personals available.  Check out our review of this site and find the adult dating service that best fits your needs.

  Third Age Connections

Third Age Connections — which is now part of Yahoo Personals — is unique in that it’s a dating service that focuses on people over 40.  Since it’s now integrated into Yahoo Personals, we recommend you visit the Yahoo Personals review page, which will help you decide if you want to visit Yahoo Personals or not.

  UK Date

UK Date is one of the top UK singles services and is part of, one of the world’s largest and best overall dating agencies.  UK Date is one of the easiest dating services to use, and it offers the full spectrum of dating service features.  If you’re looking for a great site to meet singles in the UK, check this one out.

  Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals is one of the best and easiest to use dating services on the Internet.  You will love the simplicity, and with one of the fastest growing membership sizes, you will easily meet people.  If you are looking for a simple yet highly effective dating service, definitely look into Yahoo Personals.


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