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  Finding a High Quality, Low Cost Web Host


Since our site focuses on online dating, an article about web hosting may seem odd.  However, this article is here for a reason.  If you’re seeking a web host, this article is here to help prevent you from getting ripped off.

I have created numerous web sites.  And I knew that with 16,000 web hosts, many web hosts would be poor and many would be total scams.  So before opening these sites, I did extensive research on web hosting services.

I eventually made a choice, picking one of the largest host companies in the world.  I paid more for this web host because I felt it was worth it for all the bells and whistles.  I also felt more secure with a large, more known company.  Unfortunately, they made a huge mistake that totally screwed me.

On October 7th, 2002, this web hosting company notified me that one of my sites was due up for domain registration renewal.  I paid them the registration fee.  They gladly took it.  But … they never registered my domain name!  Shortly thereafter, I went to take a look at my site only to find that I no longer had a site!

To say I was irate would be a gross understatement.  I called to ask them “How one of the largest web hosting companies in the world could f*ck up so badly?!”  I was passed from one person to another, each one blaming someone else and no one doing a thing to help me.

After over twenty phone calls to them, they finally said that the best they could do was to refund me my domain registration money.  I asked them what good that did me.  After all, I spent a year — and a lot of money — driving tens of thousands of people to that site.  I had many customers that went there and tons of people who bookmarked the site.  Now, they had nothing to go back to.  Well, they did have something to go back — the person who got my domain name ended up with thousands of my visitors.

I was devastated.  In one fell swoop, all my hard work was lost … and a very substantial weekly income instantly vanished.  I don’t like bad mouthing people, so I won’t mention that web host’s name.  But with their immense screw up, I obviously could never work with them again and I needed a new web host.

I started looking for a new web host and eventually found a great company — a company whose customer service and benefits are far better than my previous web host.  And if you’re looking to start your own web site, and looking for a really exceptional web host, I am going to recommend one.

If you have a site or want to transfer to a new host, I am going to strongly recommend my current host, Apollo Web Hosting.   If you want fast, inexpensive, award-winning web hosting with exceptional customer service, click here to look into Apollo Hosting.

Apollo Web Hosting provides top-notch 24/7 customer service, their servers are lighting quick, they have great customer service, they have every conceivable feature imaginable at extremely low rates, they offer ten minute setup, and they’ve been decorated with awards from every important place that rates web hosts.

Believe me, if I didn’t feel strongly about Apollo Web Hosting, I wouldn’t recommend them.  I just don’t want to see anyone get screwed like I did when my web host made an “administrative” mistake and lost my domain name.

If you’re in need of a great web host, I cannot recommend this company strongly enough.  Click here to visit Apollo Web Hosting – or – click here to see what Apollo Web Hosting offers and why they are one of the premier web hosts in existence.


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